Power Products:Power products are an important part of transmission and distribution projects.ABB has a worldwide presence in the manufacture of transformers, switches, circuit breakers, cables and auxiliary equipment.
Power Systems:Complete systems and services for transmission and distribution networks and power plants around the world
Discrete Automation and Motion Control:Motors, generators, drive systems, programmable logic controllers, power electronics and robotics products can be used in a wide range of automation areas such as power, motion and control. We have a leading position in the wind turbine industry and a growing product line in the solar field
Low voltage products: control products, circuit breakers and switches, switchgear, enclosures and rail components, and low-voltage systems business units, ABB low-voltage products can be widely used in commercial and residential building power distribution systems, a variety of automation equipment and large-scale infrastructure. The main products include: low-voltage control and automation products, automatic transfer switch appliances, circuit breakers, switches, line protection, grid quality, switches and sockets, intelligent building control systems, enclosure products and low-voltage power distribution systems.
Process automation: oil, gas, power, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp, paper, metal, mineral, marine and turbo industries
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